This Collector Says It’s ‘Un-American’ To Stop Him From Selling Serial Killer Memorabilia

Looking to pick up a serial killer’s nail clippings or Jeffrey Dahmer’s drivers license? William Harder may be able to help you out. Harder is a purveyor of serial killer bric-a-brac and the owner of But while he says that he’s not a violent man or someone who condones violence, he does stand up for his American right to make a buck off the murderer memorabilia sold on his site, which he bought in 2009.

Harder isn’t just a businessman, though. He’s also a collector who, according to News 10’s lengthy profile, has visited more than 70 criminals — occasionally establishing friendships with incarcerated murderers and serial killers.

“A lot of the guys I visit, its 30 years later, they’ve changed. Many of them expressed genuine remorse. A lot of them have never had a friend in the world, and I’ve found a little niche where I can be someone’s friend who’s never really had one.”

While Harder contends that he’s doing nothing wrong, he is no longer able to visit inmates in Texas due to charges that he paid inmates for memorabilia. The report also goes into great detail about an unsuccessful investigation in California that involved Harder’s association with two serial killers.

Despite these setbacks, Harder’s ambitions have certainly not been curbed. isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and he wants to open a social media site where true crime fans can chat about their shared interests.

While this might seem offensive, is it really all that shocking? Consider the success of scripted television like True Detective and true crime programs like Serial and The Jinx. Buying a serial killer’s lighter is a step beyond listening to a podcast, but not by much.

Source: News 10