This Prom Photo Of Students Holding Guns Around A Confederate Flag Is Causing Controversy

Colorado seems like an ideal place to live. Weed, Casa Bonita, the birthplace of Kristen Schaal, the prom pictures of teens holding guns huddled around a Confederate flag. OK, maybe not that last one, but, um, did I mention the voice of Louise Belcher hails from the Centennial State?

A photo of eight Chaparral High School students is currently the talk about Denver, because, I mean, look at that thing. It can’t be chalked up to “teens are dumb,” either.

Parents were supporting their idiocy.

“When he got out there he was surprised that guns were brought out and the Confederate flag was brought out,” said a mother of one of the students in the picture, who spoke to FOX31 Denver exclusively on the condition of anonymity. “There were other parents there fully supporting it and taking pictures.” (Via KDVR)

University of Colorado-Boulder ethnic-studies professor Arturo Aldama released a statement about the photo:

“The image is pretty disturbing, especially if they have real assault rifles in their hands. Not to mention the Confederate flag and its legacy of white supremacy, Klan violence and the Jim Crow South.”

And I thought my listening to Dave Matthews Band before prom was offensive…

(Via KDVR)