Colts-Texans Live Blog, First Half

11.03.13 5 years ago 1,043 Comments


Case Keenum played admirably two weeks ago in Kansas City in his first career NFL start. Expecting an undrafted rookie to win on the road against a team that undefeated mostly because of its defense is a bit unfair, which is fine because no one actually thought Keenum would pull the upset, but he brought the Texans much closer than Schaub would have.

Which is why Case Keenum remains the starting quarterback for the Texans even though Schaub is healthy enough to play through a lingering ankle injury. Not that anyone would want Schaub back that badly anyway. Arian Foster was a question to play up until today, but he now appears to be going.

The Colts, meanwhile, are also coming out of the bye following their huge win over the Broncos two weeks back. It’ll be their first game without Reggie Wayne after Andrew Luck’s wayward throw cost the Colts their best receiver for the season. Even without him, one would assume that Colts should be able to turn away the former divisional powerhouse.

Then again, the last two Indianapolis games have featured a listless performance in a loss to the Chargers followed by handing the Broncos their only loss of the season in dominating fashion. Indy is demonstrably capable of beating the best teams in the league, we’ve seen them look flat on a couple occasions against lesser opponents. No guarantee that’ll happen tonight, but Keenum seems at least capable of taking advantage of it if it does.

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