Comedian John Caparulo Was Attacked Onstage By A Trump Supporter After Making A ‘Dick’ Joke

03.01.17 2 years ago 39 Comments

In times like these when the country is more divided than ever and tensions are at an all-time high, it seems as if nowhere is safe — certainly not Facebook or family gatherings, as many of us learned the hard way in the last half of 2016, and not even comedy clubs, apparently. With many comedians skewering Donald Trump, one might expect this to be par for the course at a comedy show, yet you still hear stories of people, say, walking out on Amy Schumer. Like what the heck were they expecting?

What took place during a recent comedy show in Hermosa Beach, California, however, is another thing altogether. Comedian John Caparulo, perhaps best known for his appearances on Chelsea Handler’s E! show Chelsea Lately, was performing a set at the Comedy and Magic Club when he made a fairly innocuous joke about the Washington Monument. “Some people say it looks like a dick,” he cracked, “But I think they’re saving that for Trump’s monument.”

Two women seated in the audience immediately began hurling insults at Caparulo, yelling “f*ck you!” and threatening to leave. Caparulo played off the heckler, as comedians do, until one of the women hurled something else: a cocktail glass which hit Caparulo in the stomach and shattered.

The incident shocked Caparulo, who reacted jokingly (?) by picking up his stool as if he was going to throw it at the woman, but at that point she was already making her way out of the crowd. Still fazed, Caparulo soldiered on through his set comparing the incident to a family reunion “where your uncle cusses out your grandma, and somebody comes up, like, who wants cake?”

It’s unclear whether or not the woman and her friend were detained by security for committing, on camera, what was clearly simple assault — but hopefully as the video goes viral she’ll be held accountable for her actions.

(Via TMZ)

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