A Comedian Dressed As An Apple Store Employee To Mess With Customers

The average person knows very little about technology. Sure, we know how to dim our iPhones so that the person next to us can’t see the AWFUL things we’re looking at, but how does said dimming work? I dunno, magic? So it’s fairly easy to be tricked by techno-babble, because it all sounds like techno-babble. “Oh, so the optimal screw convertor isn’t connected to the Khan-Konnect the way it’s supposed to?” Sure!

That’s the premise behind comedian Tyler Fischer’s prank, in which he went to a New York City-based Apple Store disguised as one of the store’s knowledgeable employees, and proceeded to say NOTHING to those who required his assistance. Haha, it’s funny, because they couldn’t get their phones fixed. CLASSIC. Meanwhile, Apple CEO Timothy D. Cook watched this video, and now Tyler is dead. R.I.P. Tyler.

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