This Australian Comedian Did His Own Parody Of ‘Humans Of New York’ And It’s Wonderful

Whether through links shared an annoying number of times by your Facebook friends, or on the actual blog (which I didn’t even know existed till now), you’ve heard of Human of New York. The brainchild of Brandon, a former bond trader who decided to catalog all of New York in 2010, pretty much everyone with a WiFi connection knows what the godd*mn website is by now. This includes Australian comedian Hamish Blake, who wanted Brandon to take his picture:

Currently visiting family in the city, Blake decided to wait on a random street corner (as one does) until the famed photographer came by. Unfortunately, this isn’t actually how it works, which forced Blake to take matters into his own Australian hands.

Not only did the man from where toilets flush backwards perfectly adapt the closeup portrait style of HoNY (which is easy, ’cause all you do is take the d*mn picture), Blake also perfected the conversational storytelling. He made up a bunch of crap about faux bottled ketchup farming, private jazz hands, and inspiring Albert Eintstein. This guy should be on television.

Oh wait, he is. Check him out facing his (see: our) irrational fear of spiders:

(Source: Instagram)