Comic-Con 2013: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Features A Sad-Sack Electro

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07.20.13 12 Comments

Apparently they’ll be playing fast and loose with Electro’s origin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Here’s what was revealed at the Comic-Con 2013 panel last night.

It was kicked off with Andrew Garfield, after a promo video showing him dealing with con security and other nerds, bursting in in full Spidey regalia. Needless to say, this went over well, but there are meatier parts to the panel.

Let’s start with Electro. Max Dillon is pretty much completely at rock bottom in this movie; he’s got a bad combover, everybody shoves him around, and his mom has forgotten his birthday. Then he falls into a vat of electric eels at, where else, OsCorp, and with his newly found great power comes the responsibility to beat up everybody who has ever treated him like dirt.

Considering Electro’s origin in the comics boils down to “He got struck by lightning while working on a power line”, we’re OK with him having something that might make a little more sense. Although we have to say the whole “animal totem” thing is being laid on just a little thick.

Anyway, by all accounts, Electro is the only villain in the movie; the panel, although understandably a bit coy since the movie arrives in 2014, made it seem that Paul Giamatti is only in the movie for a few scenes. And they’ve got two movies coming, so it makes sense that they’re spacing their villains out. We will apparently learn more about Norman and Harry in this movie, but needless to say, they’re probably a bit nefarious.

We’ll update with the Comic-Con trailer once it hits YouTube.

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