‘Community’ Gets The ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Teaser Trailer Treatment Just In Time For Hiatus

Indulge me. Please. We’re less than 72 hours from Community going away for God knows how long so I’m not going to hesitate to go overboard on our already overboard Community coverage. You’ll thank me after six seasons and a movie.

Back in July I chronicled how mashing up just about anything with the then recently released Girl with the Dragon Tattoo teaser trailer makes it exponentially more intense and intriguing. I stand by this theory and challenge any burgeoning video editors out there to give Work It the Dragon Tattoo treatment to see if they can make footage of that show not make me want to kill myself.

So just imagine what happens when you overlay something that’s already way awesome — like Community footage — with Trent Reznor and Karen O’s cover of “Immigrant Song?” Exactly. I’ve been watching on a loop and am now overcome with desire to point blank any and all Whitney fans with multiple paintballs to the dome.

YouTuber saroufims93 via Pajiba