A Company Will Soon Offer A VIP Public Restroom In New York City For $8 A Plop

If you’re the type of person who is constantly on the go in New York City and even more constantly in need of a place to go, then POSH Stow and Go is bringing you Christmas six months early this year. Founded by Wayne Parks, POSH is the perfect alternative to lugging your bags around the big city all day and especially stopping in a filthy, germ-infested public restroom to drop anchor, while having to worry about what madness may be standing on the other side of that stall door.

Instead, the POSH Stow and Go offers people a private, clean bathroom experience with a one-time payment or even a longterm membership. Either way, it’s a great way for a mom on the go with a diaper needing to be changed or a white collar heroin user to stop, do work and get back to business. So how much is this idea going to set me back, and what kind of luxuries do I get for my hard-earned buck?

Members can use our private, secure storage lockers to take a load off. Keep your belongings with us for the day and come pick them up when you are ready to go home. Once your items have been stowed – GO before you hit NYC! Our bathroom facilities – featuring motion-sensored flushers and faucets, high-powered hand dryers and even baby-changing stations – are immaculately clean, sanitized and cared for by a friendly and attentive staff that is always on duty.

Need a protected place to lock up a change of clothes for an interview, event, change in the weather, meetings, lunch, dinner, party or day of errands? Would you enjoy the convenience of having a private place to change in the city?

POSH Stow and Go offers secure storage PLUS individual, soundproof rooms with luxury showers for those long days that require some freshening up before a long night out. (Via POSH, H/T to Market Watch)

Package prices range from $24 for the 3-day experience to $60 for the 10-day poopstravaganza, and you can even transfer days to your friends and families as gifts. Nothing says, “I love you” like alternatives to pink eye.

The biggest disappointment about this otherwise splendid idea is that the website’s content isn’t littered with poop puns. For example, I might have written, “Members can use our private, secure storage lockers to drop a load off” instead of what’s used in that description, because I’m 12. Otherwise, this is a pretty fantastic idea for Parks and Co., because until the POSH units are shut down for becoming huge drug stashes, this is a guaranteed moneymaker. The first POSH units will be installed this summer, and more will be unveiled in tourist-heavy areas later in the year.

I only hope they have strong enough toilets, because you never know when I might stop by to give it the old golf ball test.

Now THAT is luxury.