Conan And Seth Green Discuss Comic Con And The Beautiful Women Who Love It, At Length

With the orgy of nerddom that is Comic Con approaching, excitement seems to be cresting and Seth Green — who seems to have almost become an official spokesman for the event — has been all over the place talking it up. He was on Fallon, Letterman, even The View in recent days, so naturally he had to make a stop over at Conan O’Brien’s show, since Conan’s the closest thing to an authentic geek talk show host we have — one who’ll also be attending this year’s Comic Con, incidentally.

The two discussed the growing popularity of the event, who can and can’t go, and, most importantly how great it is that pretty ladies have come to embrace being geeky — specifically the ones who enjoy dressing up as superheroes.

“A nice thing happened a few years ago — there was kind of sea change in the type of people that like this kind of content. Somehow all these hot girls started liking Cosplay and dressing up, or at least being willing to admit it out load,” Green said. “Instead of just models that were hired to represent a booth and looked at all the approaching herd of nerds with disdain, now you’ve got girls who are excited to have their picture taken dressed up as Sailor Moon or what have you.”

Here’s the interview…

(Pic via Seth Green’s blog)