Watch Conan O'Brien Hilariously Achieve His Lifelong Goal Of Becoming A Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

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04.02.14 5 Comments

Conan is only two shows into his big Dallas Week extravaganza and he’s already pumped out a month’s worth of greatness. We’ve seen him become a Texas deputy and ace a Dirk Nowitzki-administered Texas citizenship test, and last night he aired yet another brilliant remote segment, in which he visited Mary Kay’s headquarters in hopes of realizing his lifelong dream of becoming a beauty consultant.

Considering his remote segment prowess (and the subject matter), it should come as no surprise that this is one of the funniest segments Conan has ever done. From his psychotic self-application of makeup (see above) to his constant harassment of the ladies he encounters throughout his adventure, this is a top notch segment from beginning to end.

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