The #CondomChallenge Is Here And It’s Much Worse Than The Ice Bucket Challenge

A new trend, the #CondomChallenge, is spreading across social media, and it looks more than a little sketchy. The recipe is straightforward. Two friends (or enemies) hop into a bathtub together. One perches below while the other holds up a condom filled with a gallon of water. The more sadistic party drops the condom, which sits awkwardly like an alien slug atop the recipient’s head. Then the condom bursts, and both parties burst into hysterical laughter while those above age 30 just don’t get it.

Millennials are flocking to complete the challenge for some unknown reason (perhaps for a want of attention). This is, after all, is the selfie generation. Man, they’re gonna be so embarrassed in a few decades when these clips are still floating across the internet. Still, this is a “challenge,” so there’s a higher meaning behind the trend itself. The basic idea is to spread awareness of the importance of condoms. Further, any guy who thinks he’s too, uh, endowed to wear one should realize that these bloody things can hold a crap ton of water.

Uh, here’s an explanation for someone who’s into the trend.

If you don’t see the importance of the trend, you are not alone in your skepticism.

Here are some of the more popular attempts at the challenge, and of course, the occasional total fail, too.