You're All Going To Laugh At These Parents Angry Over 'Carrie: The Musical'

Carrie: The Musical is terrible. But concern trolling is worse, as we can see in this delightful news article.

In a delightful news article from the Detroit Free Press, we discover that many parents really completely missed the point of Carrie:

“When I heard (the upcoming production) was a musical version of “Carrie,” I was dumbstruck,” Farmington Hills parent Julie Devine said, appearing before the Farmington Public Schools Board of Education at its meeting this week. “I thought, ‘How arrogant, how insensitive and how reckless to put on a show that ends with a mass murder in a high school gym.’”

Does it get better? Oh my yes.

Devine said she’s also “disturbed by the portrayal of Carrie’s mom as a Christian nut job bent on destruction,” which conflicts with the schools’ support of diversity.

Somehow, you can just imagine “diversity” being put in “air quotes.” Also, hey, Carrie’s mom is a Catholic nut job! Be precise at least!

Really, I could quote the whole article, which among other parental concerns features complaints that the musical features lyrics about the dreaded alcohol and the even more dreaded marijuana. Sadly, however, nobody insists that the play is so bad they’re all going to laugh at the cast, so you’ll have to read that.