Be A Big Hero With Cool 'Firefly' Gear — 8 Awesome Gifts For Browncoats

“Firefly” is the show that is just too pretty to die. Last week Captain Malcolm Reynolds was named SFX Magazine’s top Sci-Fi icon of the twenty-first century, adding to an already massive list of reminders for Fox that they could have had a Sci-Fi franchise as big as “Star Trek” if they’d just been a little less trigger happy. And while we can’t bring back the show, you can celebrate your fandom with these awesome items made by the artisans at Etsy.

Cunning Jayne Cobb Hat $29

Jayne’s Sidearm Replica $80

Wanted Poster Pendents $20

River Tam and the Fireflys T-Shirt $20

Browncoat Whiskey Bottle $30

Big Damn Hero Pendent $12.75

“Firefly” Pop Art Prints $14

Keep Calm and Carry A Vera $3