Corey Lewandowski Claimed To Have Stabbed Two People To Death, Says Trump Donor

One has to be a real creep to be booted from MAGA land. But that’s what happened to Corey Lewandowski. Last week, the troubled Trump loyalist was formally ejected from the former president’s PAC after he was accused by a donor of sexual harassment. But there’s more: The same woman who made the allegations has claimed that Lewandowski also confessed that he had murdered two people.

The Daily Mail obtained a statement from Trashelle Odom, a Trump donor who claims that Lewandowski, who has worked as a political operative and a commentator, made inappropriate comments about his genitals and made numerous sexual and physical advances throughout the evening. But that wasn’t all he discussed, as per Odom’s statement:

“That is when Lewandowski told me that he ‘was from a bad part of Boston and have killed people … I initially believed that he was joking and attempted to laugh it off. That is when Lewandowski went into detail and stated something to the effect of, ‘when I was 10, I stabbed someone over and over again, killing him.’ He continued and shared that when he was older he, ‘stabbed a man in the back of the head, also killing him.’”

Odom said that after Lewandowski made these comments, she was “intimidated and frightened and fearful” of her safety. After she resisted his advances, Lewandowski allegedly threw his drink at her, hitting her dress, shoe, and foot. He then called her “stupid.”

After the allegations came out, Lewandowski was fired from Trump’s PAC. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem also severed ties with him. Lewandowksi, through his lawyer, has denied the allegations.

(Via The Daily Mail)