Cosplayer Chloe Dykstra Spoofs What ‘Half-Naked’ Ladies Actually Do In Their Homes

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12.07.13 22 Comments

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Chloe Dykstra had the right idea; just very wrong execution. There’s a popular blog photo series out there called “Me In My Place,” in which not-unattractive woman pose in their oh-so-delightfully-neat homes. It’s pandering at its worst. In an attempt to spoof MIMP, cosplayer/Chris Hardwick collaborator Dykstra, along with photographer Greg De Stefano, attempted to show, in her words, “the sh*t I actually do in my place,” like picking up dog poop, shotgunning whipped cream, and popping zits, all while bathed in flattering light and expensive lingerie.

And that’s the problem, unless Dykstra really does pick up sh*t in her unmentionables, in which case, apologies. When the rare Redditor with constructive criticism explained, “The set lacks consistency. You can either contrast their photoshoot by displaying yourself in your slobby casual nature at home or you can parody their prissy faux casualness,” Dykstra responded, “I know I know. You’re absolutely right. It does lack consistency, which bothers me. I’m not in lingerie in all the shots, etc. We just did the shoot quickly and had fun with it. The shots are super well-composed, but my concept wavers a little too much. Oh well. Cheers for the input.” Redditors and a woman who poses in lingerie getting along? Maybe there’s hope for the Internet yet.

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pizza dog

OK, that last one’s actually me.

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