Most Craigslist Missed Connections Take Place In Walmart

02.22.13 7 Comments

Above is a graph that illustrates data accumulated in a scholarly study by Dorothy Gambrell on Craigslist missed connections — who’s posting them, where the encounters took place, etc. Among the more interesting findings were…

– Most missed connections in the South take place at Walmart. No surprise there, sadly.

– Indiana must be the saddest place ever, as most the missed connections there took place “at home.”

– New York and DC, two cities where public transportation is widely used, had most of their missed connections take place on trains.

– Hawaii was the state with the highest percentage of m4m ads being placed.

– California is a parody of itself, with most missed connections there taking place in a gym.

Not sure how Walmart beat out “Klan rally” in Mississippi, but America’s superstore is a romance juggernaut, apparently.

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