Craigslist WTF: Rare ‘Cat Snake’ Creature Found In Richmond, Virginia

In what might go down in history as the second greatest Craigslist posting ever — right behind this Texas ad for a Jeep Wrangler — someone posted the above advertisement about a lost pet in Richmond, Virginia.

The full text:

Found! Cat Snake? (Richmond)

Found (assuming) pet. Some sort of cat snake? Long and nimble but with dryish fur and cat teeth. Seems to like cat food, but isn’t a cat. Please come take this off my hands it smells weird.

Acknowledging that there is a chance this could be the hoax of an internet prankster, let’s examine the options, here: At best, this is a legitimate Craiglist posting that confirms everything I hold to be true and good and magical about the internet. At worst, it’s a prank involving some pretty good observational humor about ferrets. Either way you really can’t go wrong. Because I still have faith in the internet, though, I’m going to believe that this is every bit as real as what this person thinks to be an animal called the “Cat Snake.”

(Via @Yagathai)