Crapping In A Bag: The Future of Emergency Toilets (Video)

Excelsior Company President, Kan-ichi Adachi, has a personal vendetta against human waste. It’s pretty much his very own origin story, if ever they decide to create a comic book series about him –which I doubt. See, Mr. Adachi’s disdain lies in the simple facts that doodie is stinky and that you’re not allowed to dispose of it anywhere you’d like. So what did he go ahead and do? He got PROACTIVE! No, not the acne medication, but he did invent these anti-stink tablets and a garbage bag poncho that you can take dumps inside of, a product he’s calling the Ho! Toilet (awesome, I know). See, the chemical tablets contain a mixture of lime and talcum that combats the stink and solidifies the waste, when dropped into a Ho! Toilet prior to use.

Kan-ichi Adachi explains to those big brains over at DigInfoNews:

“The kit includes chemical tablets, a vinyl bag, a frame and a poncho. You make the toilet seat from the frame and vinyl bag, and use the poncho to cover yourself for privacy. When you are finished you tie the bag closed and dispose of it just like that. It is a very compact unit.”

“This is basically burnable garbage, but the problem is that after an earthquake strikes, it can take a very long time before trash collection recovers. No one can tell how long it will take to recover, and during that time people have to leave trash in their garden, or on their balcony if they live in an apartment. If it is a workplace they may have to store and control many bags containing waste matter. If there is a foul odor that would be terrible, so the materials included in this toilet help solve that.”

The kits start at around ¥500 for one, ¥1,000 for a package of four and ¥2,000 for 10 sets of tablets. Call me crazy, but I’ve been crapping in bags forever and it’s never cost me much more than a little dignity and time. Anyway, you can decide for yourself with the video after the jump. Please be sure and keep your eyes peeled for the best party trick ever near the 1:20 mark. And do understand that when I say “best party trick ever” I’m of course talking about, “if crapping in a dish was considered the best party trick ever”.