Creepy Riker Loves The Ladies And The Ladies Love Creepy Riker

Like many of you, I’ve been enjoying rewatching “Star Trek” now that it is available on Netflix instance. Right now I’m wrapping up the first season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and, holy moly, Riker is one horny space sailor.
This point was driven home in the episode “11001001” where Riker is left alone on the holodeck for the first time and uses it to make a lady he apparently intends to have sex with. Then Picard comes in, catching Riker making out with the hologram and Picard is like, “I should go.” and Riker’s like, “Na buddy, why don’ you join on in? I’m pretty sure she’s into it.” If this was “Game of Thrones,” this scenario would have ended in a threeway.
Then I saw this gem on Reddit this morning. I had no idea there was a Creepy Riker meme! So I made a bunch for your enjoyment. You can make your own using Meme Generator here.

Via Meme Generator