‘The Crew’ Has A Release Window And A New Eye-Popping In-Engine Trailer


I’m not particularly big on racing games, but Ubisoft’s The Crew intrigues me. For those not up to speed The Crew is an open world game in which you race across an impressively detailed recreation of the United States. Now, The Crew’s virtual America isn’t quite to scale, but it will take you over 90-minutes to drive across the game’s map, which has to make it one of the largest (if not the largest) game worlds ever created.

The game is essentially a racing MMO that allows you to seamlessly join up with other players for missions or races, and upgrade your car in countless different ways. This driving MMO approach also means The Crew requires an Internet connection, but it seems like the makers of the game are working hard to justify that.

The Crew has seen a few delays, but today Ubisoft finally confirmed that it will be coming this fall, and dropped a new “gameplay” trailer (the trailer was created using the game’s engine, but it would be a stretch to call it gameplay footage). Check it out below…

Jeez, between this and Mario Kart 8 I may end up having to buy two racing games in a single year.

via Kotaku