You Might Need To Look Away From These ‘Cringeworthy’ News Bloopers

Where would TV news be without the amplified cringe factor? Sure, it’d be “better,” but part of the charm of broadcast journalism is the potential for bloopz. Getting details about local, national and international stories is all well and good, it’s simply nice to have the occasional crawl-under-the-carpet gaffe sprinkled into the proceedings. We’re not cruel, we’re just not made of stone either.

The blooper wranglers at News Be Funny have compiled a new video that’s the crème de la crème of cringe, showcasing the most squirmworthy moments to hit the news. Failed jokes, poor dietary choices and horrendous choices of words are all proudly on display. It’s a schadenfreude orgy with all the uncomfortable embarrassing trimmings. Even rock dude Daughtry makes an appearance in a patriotic song standoff with Fox and Friends.

If you think you can hang in for the full 15 minutes, there’s loads of treasures awaiting you. Come for the resilient reporter powering through a Blair Witch Project level running nose, stay for the results of a painful live Christmas giveaway. Steady your nerves, hit play on the video and gasp liberally. Careful, the cringe level is so high it may result in you imploding midway through.