Authorities Found A Crocodile During A New Jersey Drug Raid, Unless They Were Just Hallucinating


While conducting a drug raid in New Jersey, authorities recovered several different kinds of illegal drugs and a small crocodile. Assuming these individuals didn’t partake in any the drugs themselves and subsequently convince themselves they saw a crocodile under the influence, this is a highly unusual thing to happen on a dug raid. In New Jersey.

But let’s pretend that this was a case of New Jersey law enforcement partaking in some of the ecstasy and weed that they recovered, resolving not to let anyone know that they did, and failing to keep their mouths shut because they hallucinated a crocodile. Maybe even a crocodile with a gun, because they also recovered a buttload of guns. Maybe it had a hat, a cape, and a corncob pipe. See, this is a story.

Lots of weird stuff can happen in New Jersey, but sometimes you have to do just the right amount of someone else’s drugs to come up with something truly newsworthy. Regular New Jersey drug raids are Dullsville, man. These guys kicked it up a notch.

Unless the crocodile was high on the drugs and got lost, in which case this is still a great story for the authorities to tell. And that, my friends, is teamwork. The golfers who unexpectedly shared a few rounds with a giant alligator could learn something.

Source: Associated Press