‘Cuphead’ Is A Surreal Playable Cartoon From The 1930s

Have you ever watched any cartoons from the 1930s? You know, Felix the Cat, old Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop — that stuff is weird man. Not only are the stories completely loony, but the animation has a strange rubbery quality all it’s own.

Well, indie studio MDHR are apparently old-school animation fans, because their upcoming 2D action game Cuphead does an uncannily good job of capturing the visual style of those old, crazy, slightly creepy 30s cartoons. Thankfully the guys at MDHR also seem to know their games, citing run-and-gun classics like Gunstar Heroes, Contra Hard Corps and the underrated Genesis version of Batman & Robin as game design influences.

Check out a couple teaser clips of Cuphead below…

How did it take this long for this to happen? The crazy dream logic of video games and golden age cartoons are a match made in heaven.

via Destructoid