An ‘Emergency Puppy’ Twitter Account Is Barking Mad At The Trump Administration

It has been less than a week since Donald Trump took the oath of office to become the 45th President of the United States and things have already taken a turn for the surreal on social media. First there was Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s ongoing feud with Dippin’ Dots (the ice cream of the future). Then there was Merriam-Webster Dictionary holding the administration’s feet to the fire with some pointed clapback about “alternative facts.” Next, Badlands National Park went rogue, spouting climate change facts after the gag order came down silencing government agencies from reporting scientific findings. A Twitter rally to thank Trump went spectacularly off the rails.

So, to recap: Oppositional resistance to the new administration is coming from ice cream, the dictionary, and park rangers. And now? Puppies. That right, the fluffy puppers unit have been activated. Until November of this year Emergency Puppy was just one of dozens of twitter accounts trafficking in adorable pictures of baby animals to help you get through the day. But since Election Day, the account has taken on a more political posture. But people really sat up and took notice on January 24th when this exchange began making the rounds on Twitter.

It was then that Twitter looked a little closer and they appear to like what they saw. In the short amount it took me write this article, the account has gained nearly 5,000 followers with more joining every minute. The juxtaposition of sweet baby dogs you just want to cuddle and calls to stamp out government overreach is pretty much Twitter in a nutshell. Strange days, folks. Strange days.