The Internet Was Made For These Kittens Photographed Mid-Pounce

Ah, cats. One rule is universal on the Internet: it is made of cats. They’re photogenic. They’re silly as all get out. They are also God’s perfect little killing machines, ready to slice and dice any who cross them, but they’re going to look cute doing it, as this new photography series can attest to.

The same photographer known for underwater photography of funny dogs is back with another adorable art project. Last week, Seth Casteel released Pounce, a collection of kittens photographed mid-pounce. It’s exactly what it says on the tin, and everything we needed.

Pounce includes 70 new photos of kittens mid-leap, looking adorably murderous as they leap at their intended prey (somebody’s ankles, probably). Casteel has released some example photos on his Instagram, and we’ve collected our favorites below. By which I mean, we’ve collected all of them because how can we pick a favorite kitten? They’re all so cute.

Some of these kittens were also up for adoption at the time of their photo session, and you can read more about that in the Instagram captions, in which we also find out some of these lovable cats’ names. The one pictured above is named “Fuzzbucket” for example, and I must have that cat. Oh, who am I kidding? I want all of them:

Pounce is currently available on Amazon or as a 2017 wall calendar on pre-order.

(All pictures via Seth Casteel, hat tip to Boing Boing)