Cynthia Nixon Was On A Lot Of People’s Minds After Her 2018 Gubernatorial Rival Andrew Cuomo Resigned In Disgrace

On Tuesday, a week after a report concluded that he had sexually harassed 11 women and created a hostile work environment, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced he was resigning. It was an unexpected move from someone notorious for always putting up a fight and never backing down. And while questions arise over what the future brings for the state he’s lorded over since 2011, some took a moment to think about the woman who once tried to unseat him three years back.

That person, of course, is Cynthia Nixon, the actress and activist, who ran against Cuomo in the 2018 primaries. During her campaign, she accused him of coming up short on such topics as income inequality, renewable energy, health care, mass incarcerations, New York City’s long-suffering subway system, and more. She was not only an NYC icon, thanks to Sex and the City; she was a longtime New Yorker, and she had real and daring ways to fix an oft-broken metropolis.

It didn’t work out; Nixon received only 34% of the vote to Cuomo’s 66%. But she did succeed in pushing the centrist-ish Cuomo a little farther towards the progressive left.

Then again, her defeat also left New Yorkers with Cuomo. He was praised — including by himself — for his handling of the pandemic, which saw the state, and especially New York City, avoiding what could have been an apocalyptic catastrophe. His actions were very far from perfect; while defending himself against sexual harassment allegations, he also had to fight claims that he’d mishandled nursing homes, which saw large number of COVID-related casualties.

But now Cuomo’s on his way out. And now that he is, people on social media reflected on what they could have had had the sometime Miranda Hobbes taken his job.

Nixon’s campaign was often plagued with derisive media coverage, which looks even worse given the trajectory of her opponent’s career.

Clearly, some said, Nixon wouldn’t have done what Cuomo did.

Some imagined that she was pretty angry on this big day.

Others argued that she’s probably doing pretty well.

Some pointed out that another, aborted Cuomo term is not the only thing New Yorkers would have avoided had more voted for Nixon.

Cuomo will be replaced by Kathy Hochul, who will become the state’s first female governor. Meanwhile, Nixon is stuck making a revival of Sex and the City.

Others looked on the bright side: Nixon could always run again.