This Dad Was Beyond Baffled When Sent To The Store To Buy Feminine Hygiene Products For His Daughter


Hey, it’s hard being a husband, or a father to teenage girls, what with these women menstruating every month and how they deal with it just being an utter and absolute mystery. One father in the UK learned just how little he knows about Aunt Flo’s monthly visit when his daughter Tia Savva asked him to stop by Tesco’s and pick her up some sanitary towels (what they call “pads” over there). Savva captured the ensuing text exchange between her and her confused father and posted it to Facebook for posterity, where it has now amassed over 13,000 “likes.”

For what it’s worth, Tia isn’t alone, because I recently experienced a similar ordeal when making what I thought to be a perfectly reasonable request of my husband:

Shouldn’t dudes be learning this in health class or something? Since it’s very likely that — at some point in life — they’re going to have a girlfriend, wife, daughter, or friend who is menstruating, a little intel wouldn’t hurt. I guess they can’t all be tampon-wielding Good Samaritans, though, unfortunately.

But for everyone else, Shaboots and T-Ray would like a word.

(Facebook via LadBible)