Meet ‘Damn Daniel,’ The Weirdest Internet Sensation Since ‘Alex From Target’

The greatest thing about social media — besides the fact that you never have to remember a birthday again because Facebook won’t leave you alone about it — is that anyone can become a great big shining star for approximately one to 15 minutes. Overly flamboyant dancing kid, Alex from Target, even an ugly-ass dress: they’ve all had their moment to shine in the sun. And now a new member joins their exalted pantheon. His name is Daniel and he’s back at it with them white Vans.

Daniel, about whom we know very little, probably didn’t mean to become an internet sensation. All he wanted to do was go to school (maybe, no one really wants to go to school) and rock out with his own signature style when one of his friends (or at least someone he knows) began videotaping him while shouting “damn Daniel,” in a voice reminiscent of a South Park character who got too high and also has bronchitis. But the guy taping didn’t just do it once, he did it over and over, commenting on Daniel’s look for days, and focusing especially closely on the breakout star’s white Vans. And then the internet caught on and the rest was history. Suddenly Daniel, once just a random teen nestled in the comfort of obscurity, was everywhere. And other Daniels, many of whom are probably suffering their own version of this meme at school this morning, are likely hoping that all of this dies down as quickly as possible.

But will “Damn Daniel” go away anytime soon? Not if the internet has anything to do with it. Check out, for instance, this amazing remix (and I mean amazing, because it’s really listenable) of the video’s soundtrack set to some hot beats (or whatever the kids in high school are calling it these days):

Here’s another remix…if you want to go hard in the club:

Not to give away any spoilers, but this kid’s about to get himself an endorsement deal. We wouldn’t be surprised if you saw him on your TV (at least dancing with Ellen) sometime soon:

Even the middle-aged are getting into it:

And, yes, there’s a dance:

Don’t understand what any of this means? That’s fine. It’s art. It’s Dada. It exists for the sake of existing. And if we all just give it a few days, we’ll be on to the next thing.

At least Daniel’s happy, and he’ll probably be pulling all kinds of attention at parties when he low-key announces that he’s a meme to people he’s flirting with. Who wouldn’t want to make out with someone who’s known for their good nature and stylin’ white Vans?

Enjoy it while it lasts, kid!

(h/t Buzzfeed)

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