Meet ‘The Dan Bilzerian Of Weed’ Whose Instagram Account Attracts More Ladies Every Day


“Instagram’s Biggest Playboy,” Dan Bilzerian, had better mind his ill-conceived manners. There’s a new cat in town, and he’s taking social media by a puff of marijuana smoke. His Instagram handle is Marijuana Don, and he has something Bilzerian can’t hope to secure (except by FedEx overnight delivery). If you guessed “an enormous amount of weed,” you’re correct. There’s a reason why the Internet is starting to refer to this fella as “The Dan Bilzerian of Weed.”

Marijuana Don is actually better known as Big Mike, the guy who runs Advanced Nutrients. His real name is Michael Straumietis, but the ladies stick with the nickname. Like Bilzerian, Big Mike is a multi millionaire, but there’s no alleged shady offshore accounts funding the lifestyle. Instead, Big Mike operates a legit Canadian Company that sells products to help people grow their, uh, crops. The legal marijuana trend earned him a lot of cash. His Instagram account is also starting to grow, although he’s not running Bilzerian numbers. Yet.

If one wants to compare the two men, consider how Bilzerian chucks porn stars off roofs. Big Mike is probably too laid back for such behavior, but he may skip leg day because he’s too consumed with feeling the vibe. Both men appear to love nothing more than posing with women and flying on private jets.


Indeed, Big Mike’s Instagram page is so filled with quasi-Bilzerian photos that he may be recruiting his dates through direct messages. But who knows? Maybe he’s a nice guy in a nice relationship, and this marijuana-playboy image is simply good for business. He’s not silly enough to run for U.S. president, but he’s Canadian anyway.

Big Mike’s hashtag game is fierce. His photos are filled with weedtastic references like #HighInTheSky, #weedstagram, and #weedstagram420. Let’s do this.


(Via BroBible)