‘Instagram’s Biggest Playboy’ Dan Bilzerian’s Presidential Campaign Video Is As Ridiculous As You’d Expect

The official presidential campaign flier of “Instagram’s Biggest Playboy,” Dan Bilzerian, features the man riding on a tortoise with a machine gun. The millionaire poker player and skipper of leg day claims to be serious about his U.S. presidential campaign. If elected, Bilzerian promises to party with your wife but would like to forget his past life of throwing porn stars off roofs. He hasn’t said much about his political views, other than loving guns and babes. Like Donald Trump, Bilzerian is wealthy, which is enough to wage a campaign.

Bilzerian’s Instagram page boasts 10 million followers and several #Bilzerian16 hashtag mentions. The ultimate dudebro admits, “I’m slightly worried that only the good looking girls will vote for me.” But the self-proclaimed “sexual philanthropist” kicked off his campaign with a club tour of Toronto, Montreal, New York City and Boston. He just released his first campaign video, which is as NSFW and ridiculous as you’d imagine:

Bilzerian posted these photographic gems from his recent club tour.


(Via BroBible)