Danny DeVito Knows About That Shrine To Him Hidden In A School’s Bathroom

Last week, the tweet above went viral, showing a room (hidden behind a school bathroom’s paper towel dispenser) in which someone had mysteriously erected a trash shrine to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s own “Trash Man” Danny DeVito. Here’s a video of the shrine to show just how large this creepy hidden room is:


People needed to know the location and story behind this shrine; Vice reports it was built by college sophomore Phillip Hosang at New York’s SUNY Purchase. Hosang said he built the shrine in a men’s bathroom of the school’s visual arts building because he thought it would be “a really great place to put some weird thing that people could find.” He added, “Because of all the trash — if you know Always Sunny, you know that Danny DeVito is known as like the trash man — I was like, ‘This is just the perfect person to go with. He’s just weird enough that people would accept that this was a thing.'”

It was certainly accepted as a thing, if the over half a million Twitter likes of the original tweet are any indication, as well as Danny DeVito’s reaction. That’s right, Frank “Trash Man” Reynolds himself found out about about the shrine just in time for his birthday over the weekend and he voiced his approval on Twitter, saying, “Your shrine honors me. My heart is filled with love and garbage.”

As with anything cool that happens at a school, however, the administration put a stop to it, closing off the hidden room. As a student posted at a school forum, “Your narcissistic quest for social media recognition has sealed the bathroom shrine forevermore. Shame on you.”

Via Twitter

SUNY Purchase may have closed the shrine, but they still seem to be fans of its idol:

The shrine is unfortunately gone, but its intent will live on. May our hearts forever be filled with love and garbage.

(Via Vulture)