This Daring Escape From A Maximum Security Prison Is Like Something Out Of A Movie

Two convicted murderers are on the loose after having escaped the Clinton Correctional Facility in northern New York on Saturday. The details of their escape are straight out of a movie script, too. According to prison officials, Richard Matt and David Sweat used power tools to cut through steel walls and pipes before ultimately breaking through to the outside world. How they got these power tools remain a mystery.

Governer Andrew Cuomo’s (N.Y.) press secretary tweeted out some pics from inside the prison.

Via the New York Times:

The governor marveled at the particulars of escape, in which the two inmates had cut through a steel wall of their adjacent cells, shinnied down a series of internal catwalks, and burrowed their way more than a city block away before emerging from a manhole. Mr. Cuomo said that there had been a number of contractors working in the facility, and that the escapees’ work may have been safeguarded by the silence of other prisoners.

“I chatted with a couple of the inmates myself and said, ‘You must be a very heavy sleeper,’ ” the governor said. “They were heard, they had to be heard.”

Needless to say, the men are considered extremely dangerous. On Sunday, Governor Cuomo offered a $100k reward for their return.

Surprisingly, this is not Richard Matt’s first rodeo. In 1986, he reportedly escaped from the Erie County Jail in Pennsylvania. Maximum security be damned!

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