The 'Dark Knight Rises' Billboard…Rises?

We’re officially in The Dark Knight Rises countdown mode on the internet, boys and girls (pre-purchase your tickets on Craigslist for mere hundreds of dollars!). Four weeks out and the marketing campaign is revving up like Truckasaurus, beginning with the 3D Dark Knight Rises billboard above that appeared on Sunset and La Brea over the weekend. It’s not quite the spandex Anne Hathaway backourt version I would have pushed for, but I have to say my inner geek is in need of a pull off my inhaler.

And if that isn’t enough, the viral marketing campaign is whipping up an online nerd frenzy with the release of three pages from The Gotham Observer outlining the comings and goings in Batman’s hometown, including the announcement of Harvey Dent Day, where presumably all citizens of Gotham are required to don prosthetic chins. Images below, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Billboard via The High Definite. Viral campaign via Total Film and Buzzfeed.