'The Dark Knight Rises' Outtakes Show The Morgan Freeman And Christian Bale We Know And Love

The audio clips after the break (NSFW for swearing) are fake outtakes from the set of The Dark Knight Rises. The Morgan Freeman impression isn’t quite resonant enough (but the cadence is spot-on), and that Christian Bale impersonation is fantastic. The writing is great as well. For example, when “Freeman” reveals he hasn’t watched the first two Batman movies, “Bale” suggests he rents them immediately, to which Freeman responds, “I’ll tell you that I will, but I just know that I won’t. I won’t watch them, because I’ll Netflix them. They’ll come. I’ll put them on my DVD stand, right there next to Seven Years In Tibet. Netflix is basically just a glorified coaster company.”

And who can resist listening to a Freeman impersonator interrupt a Bale tantrum to ask, “Could somebody go to craft services and get me those hundred cal packs of Ritz?” These clips were made by the voice actors behind Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans to promote their Batman-themed episode “The Dork Knight” airing after South Park on April 18th. They’ve got my attention.

Seriously, the people whining on YouTube about this being fake instead of sitting back and enjoying the good writing and passable impressions are the same type of people who complain about puppies having bad breath, or who decided a video game company is worse than a bank who committed foreclosure fraud to kick people out of their homes. I want to dress up like the Hamburglar and hit them with a baguette while singing “X Gon’ Give It To Ya”, because they’re so literal-minded that would probably confuse and haunt them for life.

[Hat tip and a 100 calorie pack to ThePlaylist.]