A Dad Tries To Scare His Sleeping Son As Darth Vader And Fails Miserably

Look, the thing about kids is that they really do the darnedest things. A child’s developing mind works a lot differently than an adult’s mind and is still in a phase where they are exploring their boundaries and relationships with the world. They aren’t stuck in tradition like most of us fully-formed adults are, which can be kind of depressing. We can’t see the world like they do, but then again, they can’t drive, buy cool stuff or do a lot of the other things that adults can do, so that’s the trade off.

The love of Star Wars is relatively universal, though. Sure, in a way, Star Wars feels a bit more like a child’s fairy tale than a mature, adult story, but we’ve all sort of made a silent agreement to be okay with that and for everyone to love Star Wars. This one dad has a son — Sebastian — and Sebastian loves Star Wars. Beyond that, he loves Darth Vader. So this dad cooks up an idea that was destined for internet lulz, you see. That idea is for him to dress up like Darth Vader, wake his sleeping son and challenge him to a lightsaber duel.

What can go wrong, right? Well, what can go wrong is that kids are unpredictable and this kid isn’t afraid of Darth Vader, he just wants to hang out with him and have story time. This kid is no Kylo Ren, that’s for sure.