The Time Dave Chappelle And Questlove Hung Out With Prince And Prince’s Gold Pajamas

Grantland has been dabbling more and more with video of late. It’s primarily been a re-purposing of Bill Simmons’ podcast with a trip to the Hoosiers gym mixed in. Their latest effort though marks the first foray into animation, and while it’s just a another avenue for capitalizing on podcast archives (someone owes Ricky Gervais a hat tip) the animated version has a way of making things feel fresh and original so no one’s complaining.

A lot of that has to do with the subject matter and how terrific Chappelle Show Co-Creator Neal Brennan’s story of the evening he, Dave, and Questlove spent in Prince’s hotel room is. It took place a week after they aired the iconic Prince segment of “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories,” which makes the whole thing extra special.

Items to review with exclamation points after viewing…

– Canadians!
– Golden pajamas with matching golden socks!
– Morris Day tipped Prince off!
– Pancake callback!

The current version of myself appreciates the entire anecdote almost as much as the 2004 version would have. Game: Blouses.

Grantland via Smoking Section