DC Finally Adds Some ‘Multiversity’ To Its Lineup

You might remember, a few Crises ago, that DC brought back the multiverse. It was a triumphant moment for Silver Age fans and people who missed the Earth hopping. Even better, the launch of the multiverse was full of little nods to continuity and DC history.

DC announced that, as the icing on the cake, Grant Morrison would basically be allowed to screw around with the multiverses however he pleased.

Then DC did pretty much jack with it, not even announcing a firm release date, until the New 52, and even then that wasn’t until James Robinson launched Earth 2 and Paul Levitz took the pen for World’s Finest.

Well, after three years in gestation, Multiversity is finally on the way in late 2013, and it’s bringing Charlton’s characters back.

It’s also a hell of a lot of comics: Each issue will apparently be thirty-eight pages with a longer main story and an eight-page back-up story for eight issues. The first six will focus on a different parallel world each issue, with the last two issues wrapping up an overarching plotline.

And, yes, the first one will kick off with Ted Kord and Vic Sage, back where they belong.

Frank Quitely will be handling art chores for the first issue, and then rotating teams will take on the books.

Myself, I’m just hoping DC gets Si Spurrier for the inevitable Crime Society of America story. Really, if anybody can write Batman beating somebody up for their wallet, it’s him.