‘Dead Rising 3’ Gameplay Footage Offers Up Hilarious Carnage

Let’s be honest here; we play Dead Rising games for two reasons. One, because building the storyline around the clock is actually a really smart idea that gives an open world game more focus. And two, because Capcom comes up with more and more insane ways to kill zombies. Guess what this collection of gameplay footage from Dead Rising 3 is all about!

Yeah, this pretty much puts to rest the idea that there will be anything grim and serious about this game at all. Which we’re fully on board with, since a serious Dead Rising would just be Dead Island.

For those who can’t see this right now, among the delights we see:

  • A motorcycle with a steamroller and flamethrower attachments.
  • Our hero dressed as Ryu performing Shoryukens on zombies.
  • Explosive crossbow bolts, lightsabers, and nail gloves.
  • Oh, and ridiculous outfits.

Also interesting is the fact that there seem to have been some substantial gameplay tweaks. First of all, guns in this game seem to have an over-the-shoulder view, which honestly might actually make firearms actually worth using in the game. Dead Rising 2, in particular, did not really make picking up a gun worth keeping it in your inventory, especially when you could assemble tools like the knife gloves just steps from your safe house.

Secondly, there’s a pretty big emphasis on vehicles, both altered and unaltered. The games have had vehicles previously, but you’ve mostly been running around on foot; vehicles were largely to either rack up an enormous number of zombie kills or to try and beat the clock getting to a location. This seems to have you hopping into a car more often, whether to kill zombies or just get around.

Also, we have an early contender for best weapon: Flame-Spewing Steamroller Motorcycle. Come on, there’s nothing in that sentence you don’t love.