Are The Minds Behind ‘Dead Space’ Developing A ‘Star Wars’ Game Starring Han Solo?

Visceral Games — the developer behind games like Dead Space and Battlefield: Hardlineis currently working on a secret Star Wars project. The company hasn’t yet officially announced what it’ll be about but the members of the development team have been dropping a bunch of hints on social media. Game Informer thinks these hints are pointing to a Han Solo themed video game.

The hints started last year when actor and writer Todd Stashwick was hired onto the project as co-writer and posted this picture of Solo on Instagram:

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"I don't know, I can imagine quite a bit."

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Han Solo made another appearance in this Star Wars Day picture Stashwick took with fellow writer Amy Hennig:

Then there’s the stormtrooper pirate flag in the background. This flag appears in other images taken by the development team and this one in particular was posted by game director Scott Warner. Oh and look, the Millenium Falcon made it into the show as well:

Visceral also teased a new Han Solo in Carbonite statue that graces the company’s lobby. When you add all these images up, it begins to look like a pattern is forming. It may be possible Visceral Games is making a video game that follows the story of Han Solo in his younger years before he joined the Rebel Alliance. His life before A New Hope has been explored in books where he was an orphan who joined the crew of a pirate named Garris Shrike.

Right now this is all speculation, but with E3 around the corner, maybe Visceral will make a surprise appearance and announce the game they are working on. And if it is a Han Solo origin story, they better make Chewie a playable character. Just saying…

(Source: Game Informer via CinemaBlend)