Here Are The Internet’s Most Outraged Responses To The Viral ‘Dear Fat People’ Video

Self-styled comedian Nicole Arbour got on the Internet’s last nerve with her latest video missive. In the above NSFW (for language) video, she can be seen speaking in a hyperbolic manner while shaking her girls and shouting in an inspired way. The clip, called “Dear Fat People,” aims to satirize the fat-shaming phenomenon and how it doesn’t work the intended effect. Arbour’s brand of comedy seems to run less in the direction of genuine humor and more along the line of intentional offense. She’s taking cheap shots (“whaddya gonna do, chase me?”) for the sake of riling up the masses. The fat-shaming clip rubbed many YouTubers the wrong way, so they complained until the vid was unceremoniously yanked. That is to say, a very attractive woman ranting about overweight people can play in a not-so-good manner.

In fact, so many people reported this clip that YouTube disabled Arbour’s entire channel. Things have returned to working order on a temporary basis, and video in question has returned to YouTube, although it may not last long. Arbour (who may be attempting to channel Jenna Marbles with her mannerisms and color-streaked hair) doesn’t see what all the fuss is about and claims her video was only satire.

Satire or not, Arbour has received a great deal of attention for her effort. She inspired sarcastic video responses and jokes all over Twitter. Some commented upon her Marble-like image.

Not to mention all of the outrage, which is in plentiful supply, to be had.

Some users did think Arbour’s video was amusing, or at least they weren’t bothered.

Here’s more of Arbour describing her “bloodbath of awesome” in “The Most Offensive Video Ever.” For what it’s worth, this video was posted last month before the fat-shaming controversy. Did she plan to go viral on a slow Labor Day weekend? Perhaps.