And Now ‘Deez Nuts’ Is Endorsing Other Candidates On Facebook

Ohio Gov. John Kasich Announces Candidacy For President
Getty Image / Ty Wright

Riding the wave of good press and a campaign that has garnered a higher percentage of the vote than many of the more “serious” candidates going for the job, “Deez Nuts” has made a calculated move by announcing who he’d love to face from each party during the general election.

In two very honest, transparent Facebook posts, Brady Olson AKA Deez Nuts has put his support behind Bernie Sanders And John Kasich for their respective nominations.

No word on if supporter and possible VP selection Warren G has any opinions on this revelation, but it would seem that we’re already picking favorites for the 2016 presidential election. One has to be curious if the Founding Fathers saw this happening all those years ago, possibly hidden away in some skipped passage of the Washington’s final address or an early draft of the Declaration of Independence. I bet Stephen Hopkins tried to sneak it in, possibly after asking someone to pull his finger.

(Via In These Times / Gawker / Deez Nuts)