‘Deleted Scenes’ Reveal How Women Keep Perfectly Groomed In A Disaster Movie

If you ever wondered how the women in disaster movies or The Walking Dead manage to stay perfectly groomed, these deleted scenes reveal their beauty secrets. Hint: Women have no normal bodily functions in an apocalypse. It’s science.

Ladies don’t need to pack tampons or deodorant when they leave civilization to live on the land, but there are a few essentials that they need to bring along. After all, they need to have smooth legs and shaved armpits while they are killing zombies and fighting for their very survival. It might be the apocalypse, but that doesn’t excuse an un-plucked uni-brow. We aren’t savages, after all.

There isn’t much time before the zombies/meteor/intergalactic terrorists arrive, so leave the bra and take only the essentials… stiletto heels, leather pants, bronzer, and an eyelash curler.

Source: Boing Boing