Delta Responds To Ann Coulter’s Temper Tantrum With A Pair Of Scathing Tweets

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Ann Coulter is no stranger to temper tantrums, but she spent the better part of this weekend outdoing herself while raging at Delta airlines. Her tirade was remarkable, if only for the shocking detail of her choosing an airline that recently banned a ranting pro-Trump passenger for life. Yet Coulter’s rant (which can be viewed through an apolitical lens, since she simply wasn’t nice) brought genuine fire, for she attempted to shame a female passenger, who looked pretty unimpressed after Coulter raised hell over her extra-room seat being given away. The pundit expressed anger at carefully selecting her seat, only to have “some woman” come in and enjoy it.

This situation, by the way, was not the other passenger’s fault, and any sympathy that one might have had for Coulter evaporated when she kept volleying insults about this perceived injustice. As for Delta, they don’t appear to be ruffled by the incident. The airline has issued a pair of deliciously catty tweets, the first one of which revealed that Coulter raised hell over $30.

That response would have been adequate enough to shame Coulter (at least in the eyes of Twitter, for she’s made of ice), but Delta supplied a lecture as well: “Additionally, your insults about our other customers and employees are unacceptable and unnecessary.”

Well, because Coulter has been glued to Twitter all dang weekend (how fun does that sound?), she’s seen Delta’s response and has already fired back. She did not address the tenor of her tweets (surprise!), but Coulter has signaled that this is not what she deems to be a proper explanation.

Aaand back to Delta. Also, here’s an idea for future Delta PR reference…