‘Birdman’ Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki Has An Incredible Instagram Account


Cinematographer extraordinaire Emmanuel Lubezki won back-to-back Oscars for his work in Birdman and Gravity. Before that, he was nominated for five Academy Awards for the impressive shots he composed in movies like The Tree of Life and Children of Men. It’s an impressive resume, no doubt, but it was all done with state of the art film technology. What would happen if Lubezki had an Instagram account?

Turns out, he does. Thanks to a recent Reddit post, we can all enjoy Lubezki’s phenomenal compositions. Many (like the above Keaton shot) are from his films:



Other than his movies, his two favorite subjects are landscapes…



… and portraits:



Lubezki’s account has been active since January 2012. Since then, he has posted over 500 photos from all over the world. It’s definitely worth a look, but be forewarned: You could spend most of your day filing through his photos.

(Instagram via Reddit)