Dinosaurs Are Jerks

Jurassic World just broke box-office records last weekend, but you know what else would get broken if dinosaurs were on the loose? Everything in your house that you care about and a few things you forgot you even had, that’s what. Because dinosaurs make terrible pets, according to this elucidating video from We Have A Dinosaur.

Their video posits dinosaurs have all the destructive impulses and bemused spitefulness of a house cat, plus the size and grip strength of a… really big house cat. It might just be better to have a dragon named Gary instead. And if you can’t watch the video for some reason (like a pet velociraptor chewed through your speaker wires, for example?), here’s a handy GIFset to summarize.

dinosaur-pet-velociraptor-spills-cereal-2a dinosaur-pet-velociraptor-spills-cereal-2b

dinosaur-pet-velociraptor-spills-cereal-2c dinosaur-pet-velociraptor-spills-cereal-2d

dinosaur-pet-velociraptor-spills-cereal-2e dinosaur-pet-velociraptor-spills-cereal-2f

dinosaur-pet-velociraptor-spills-cereal-2g dinosaur-pet-velociraptor-spills-cereal-2h

(Via Brain Confetti)