Why Disney Should Just Give Star Wars To Pixar

As we all know, Pixar is being allowed to play in its former owner’s sandbox. And that’s great news, but it makes us wonder if, perhaps, Pixar shouldn’t be in charge of the whole shebang. Why?

The New Movies Will Be Mostly CGI Anyway

Every frame of film in the prequels somehow involved CGI, mostly because Lucas owned ILM and by God, ILM was going to show off its prowess. But, really, why even have actors on the set? Everyone would be a lot happier in the booth, and we don’t have to see Harrison Ford trying to play rakish at seventy.

Pixar Doesn’t Rush

Pixar takes a long, long, looooooong time with its movies, and that shows in the results. They’re a beloved animation studio, more so than the people who own them with nearly a century of animation under their belt, because they take their time. Episode VII has, let’s face it, a lot of ground to make up; the prequel trilogy destroyed a lot of fan goodwill. If Disney really wants Star Wars to stay evergreen, it needs to avoid what seems to be an attempted strip-mining of the franchise.

Pixar Spikes Bad Ideas

Let’s face it, fans love Boba Fett, but there’s never been enough to Fett to let him carry his own movie. And the prequels’ attempts to give him a tragic backstory were justly made fun of. But the fans like him, so into the Sarlaac of film production he goes. If Pixar were in charge, they’d be able to filter the good ideas from the bad ones, and their odd protection from “market research” would ensure that we actually got some great movies.

They’re Nerds Like Us

True, you can make an argument that nerds perhaps aren’t the best caretakers of nerdly franchises, but on the other hand, Lucas didn’t love his own material, and boy did it ever show. Really, there’s not a lot that can go wrong by giving the material to talented filmmakers who love it; at the very least, they’ll try.