Woman Changes Mind About Jumping Off High Dive At The Last Second, Leading To Horrific Blooper

Here’s a perfect example of what NOT to do on a diving board. The star of the short video above — captured by an onlooker at Lava Hot Springs water park in Idaho — is a young woman who climbed to the top of a 22-foot board with the intent of jumping with a friend. Only she hesitates at the last second — a second too late, in fact.

The woman tries to hold on to a side rail, but that only makes things worse, sending her momentum in the wrong direction. She eventually loses her grip and smacks into the diving board below, a collision that sends her careening into an unplanned somersault.

The good thing about awful diving board mishaps: once you stop slamming into things, you eventually reach the soft refuge of water below. According to Mail Online, the woman escaped the ordeal with nothing more than a slightly injured finger.

Via Katie Jorgensen, Mail Online