Do Not Drink A 20-Year-Old Crystal Pepsi. Here’s Why.

Crystal Pepsi: not safe for life. Back in the early 1990s, when “clarity” was all the rage, Pepsi came up with the wise idea to make a translucent soda, because the future, man. It was dubbed Crystal Pepsi and marketed with the tagline, “You’ve never seen a taste like this.” That’s not untrue — less than a year after its debut, Crystal Pepsi was pulled from the markets, never to be seen again, except on late-night The Arsenio Hall Show repeats.

And on eBay, which is where “L.A. BEAST” recently purchased a bottle for $80. Why? Science, man. Also, because he wanted to try some two decade old soda (NOT pop, SODA). The results are not pretty.

(Via Daily of the Day)