Do You Have A Problem With 'Boob Review' Videos? Tell The YouTube Complaints Department

The real YouTube Complaints Department, or whatever it’s actually called, must be a very boring place. Just a bunch of tech guys fixing bugs and deleting overly “adult” videos and other computer things that I TOTALLY know everything about it. I doubt Jenna Marbles and Lauren Francesca drop by all that often.

That’s why I like to think it looks like Barely Political’s clever version of the department, where secretaries constantly deal with idiots running into the office yelling “FIRST” and racist rednecks who can’t spell and wear hats saying, “Where’s the toilet?” And that’s to say nothing of appearances from the “stars” of despised, yet highly watched “boob review” videos, who blabber on about anything but the Maroon 5 video they’re supposed to be talking about.

But seriously, YouTube, do something about the “THUMBS UP IF NICKELBACK’S GRANDMA SENT YOU HERE” comments.

(Via The FW)